American Sport Fish Hatchery

American Sport Fish Hatchery is one of the largest producers of live, freshwater fish for stocking ponds and lakes in the southeastern United States. In addition to offering pond and lake stocking recommendations and fish delivery, American Sport Fish also offers all related pond management services such as monthly pond fertilization, automatic fish feeder maintenance, lime application, electrofishing (fish population assessments), consultations, fish habitat enhancement and structure installation, and herbicide applications for unwanted aquatic vegetation control. We also dredge retention ponds, fish ponds, lakes, channels, boathouses, and boat slips.  

Located in Alabama with over 100 years of combined fish stocking, pond management, and aquaculture experience, American Sport Fish has the expertise and high quality products to help you to create and maintain premier ponds and lakes throughout the southeast. Whether it's stocking your new pond, renovating an existing pond, developing a management plan to grow trophy bass, controlling aquatic vegetation, or removing unwanted sediment, the staff of American Sport Fish is ready to help you.

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