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      2017 12
      2017 12 A beautiful 8.5 lb largemouth released after an electrofishing assessment in the panhandle of Florida.
      2017 11
      2017 11 Not every delivery can go smoothly, but we will get your fish delivered no matter the obstacle.
      2017 24
      2017 24 The American Sport Fish crew had a great day in the Gulf yesterday Red Snapper Fishing!
      2017 23
      2017 23 Less than 6" long and already addicted to Threadfin Shad! Look at the little tail coming out of it's mouth. We get them started early at American Sport Fish.
      2017 22
      2017 22 It a beautiful day for pond management! Our pond management services work to keep your pond free of unwanted vegetation and to keep your water fertilized.
      2017 21
      2017 21 Want to increase the production of your pond by up to 400%? Well this is the solution. Perfect Pond Plus is a granular pond fertilizer that helps promote the base of your pond's food chain, the phytoplankton bloom.
      2017 20
      2017 20 A beautiful 3 year old 5.5 lb Tiger Bass successfully released after an electrofishing survey. Call now to get those fingerling orders in as soon as possible!
      2017 19
      2017 19 Is this how the edges of your pond are looking? Not only does this hinder the ability of bass feeding, but it hinders phytoplankton production, the base of your pond's food chain.
      2017 25
      2017 25
      2017 30
      2017 30 Its a beautiful morning to kick off fall electrofishing assessments here in Tennessee.
      2017 29
      2017 29 Having a vegetation take over in your pond? We specialize in vegetation control all year long. Give us a call to save your pond. That's our specialty!! Please give us a call for vegetation control, leaking ponds, or dredging problem areas!!!
      2017 28
      2017 28 Making some room to raise more Tiger Bass!
      2017 27
      2017 27 It was a beautiful afternoon at the fish hatchery.
      2017 26
      2017 26 Such a beautiful afternoon for pond vegetation management.
      2017 25
      2017 25 Another beautiful Tiger Bass!
      2017 40
      2017 40 We are testing our grass carp to make sure they are sterile.