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      2017 39
      2017 39 Harvesting our black nose crappie brooders for spawning.
      2017 38
      2017 38 Our crew taking a selfie after harvesting fish!
      2017 37
      2017 37 Tagging lunkers to stock and track an all female bass lake. Every largemouth going in will be tagged so growth rates and catch frequency can be monitored for the life of the fish.
      2017 36
      2017 36
      2017 35
      2017 35 It was a great morning to electrofish in the western part of Mississippi. The many cedar trees in this pond were beautiful!
      2017 34
      2017 34 A successfully managed pond begins with an abundant forage population. In this case, it's a large amount of bluegill fry. Coppernose bluegill will spawn 3-4 times a year in a well fertilized, well fed pond! A great abundance of forage will lead to well fed, super happy bass!
      2017 33
      2017 33 A nice full tank of fish after a successful electrofishing trip! If you're needing a pond assessment or maybe just wanting to know what's in your pond give us a call at American Sport Fish! We would be more than happy to help you with any of your pond needs! From consulting to stocking we do it all!
      2017 32
      2017 32 Beautiful 11.2 pound Largemouth that will make a fine data point in an electrofishing data set. She was one of a few very nice fish found yesterday morning!
      2017 31
      2017 31 I know hunting season is the main focus for most of the outdoorsmen out there this time of year, but don't forget about the fish!! 🐟 We shocked up a lot of very nice bass in Tennessee last weekend! Bass are moving back up to shallower water this time of year and it's a great time to go fishing.
      2017 45
      2017 45
      2017 44
      2017 44 A beautiful largemouth getting ready for spawning season. Time to get those bass orders placed!!!
      2017 43
      2017 43 Spring is kicking off and so is our electrofishing season! Here's a beautiful 7lb largemouth bass successfully released after an electrofishing assessment in Arkansas.
      2017 42
      2017 42 An amazing Largemouth bass to kick off electrofishing season!
      2017 41
      2017 41 One of the properties we are fortunate enough to work with.