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Aquatic Vegetation Control
Aquatic vegetation, both native and exotic, can become a nuisance if not properly managed. This is especially true in fertile ponds where there are plenty of nutrients available for plant growth
American Sportfish also specializes in small-scale dredging. Our equipment is ideal for dredging boat slips, marina slips, in and around culverts, and boat ramps.
An Electrofishing Assessment involves the use of a specially designed electrofishing boat. The fish are stunned by an electrical current and are captured with a dip net and placed in a live well.
Supplemental Feeding
A supplemental feeding program can increase the size of your bluegill while also increasing their reproduction. Increased reproduction translates to more food for your bass population.

Stocking your pond properly is essential if you wish to produce a sustainable population of fishfor years to come. We offer stocking advice customized to your individual situation. Stocking rates may vary based on several factors including management strategies, pond size, location, water chemistry, time of year, and your management goals. We can help you identify these significant factors and develop a fish stocking strategy that can help you best achieve your goals.

A few factors are important to know before stocking a new pond:

  • Is the pond at least 1/3 full and filling?
  • Is the pond free of wild fish? Wild fish will negatively affect the balance of your new fish population by allowing competing species or predators to deplete the forage availableto your new fishor eat your new fish.
  • Are you planning on fertilizing the pond? Stocking rates typically double when you plan on fertilizing a pond because the pond will support more fish.


General Stocking Rates Fertilized Rate Unfertilized Rate
Largemouth Bass 50-100 per acre 50 per acre
Bluegill/Shellcracker 1000-2000 per acre 500 per acre
Fathead Minnows 1000-2000 per acre 1000 per acre

Ideally, ponds free of any wild fish are stocked in the fall with your forage fish (bluegill, shellcracker, fathead minnows). Threadfin shad can also be stocked in the fall or the spring to further increase the forage base. The fish are left in the pond free of any predator fish for several months. This period of time allows the forage fish to reproduce and build up the population’s numbers. The following spring (around June), largemouth bass will be stocked. From this point, you should have good fishing for bass, bluegill, and shellcracker in about one year. This schedule can be adapted to your specific time table in the event that your pond is ready to stock at a different time of year.

Most species of fish are available in different sizes. The availability of species and specific sizes is seasonal. Contact us for information regarding availability.



spraying a pond is an important step in fish stocking.                  Coppernose Bluegill for Fish Stocking .                        tiger bass fingerlings part of fish stocking




Tracking the Tiger: Tiger Bass and Their Growth in the Southeast
Tiger Bass® is a buzzword among pond owners and bass anglers throughout the Southeast.
Barry W. Smith
Barry W. Smith
Certified Fisheries Scientist
Starting Over
There are more than 2.5 million ponds scattered across the United States. Most of these ponds provide fair to excellent recreational fishing opportunities.
Don Keller
Don Keller
Certified Fisheries Scientist
Liming Ponds and Lakes
Most lakes and ponds in the southeast, except those built in Blackbelt soils or those receiving water from limestone aquifers, will benefit from the addition of agricultural limestone.
Barry W. Smith
Barry W. Smith
Certified Fisheries Scientist
A beautiful 3 year old 5.5 lb Tiger Bass successfully released after an electrofishing survey.
Building ponds to grow more fish!
Crappie Brood Fish
ASF crew seining a pond for fish to deliver.
One of our delivery trucks ready to deliver your fish.
Our modern fish handling equipment.
We have grass carp ready to deliver!
Another awesome Largemouth ready to spawn.
Reef ball delivery! Gotta have a place for those big Tiger bass to feed around.
Another beautiful Tiger Bass!

Seasonal Tips

This winter has been a cold one and now it appears that spring is here early! The spring fish spawning season is upon us so here are a few items for you to consider.
It may have cooled off a bit but your bluegill are feeding so make sure your feeders are ready!