Question: Do I need to remove bass from my pond each year?

Answer:In most cases, Yes. Bass harvest should start one year after the bass were stocked into the pond. If you are fertilizing the pond, and have maintained a good phytoplankton bloom, you should remove bass 14 inches or smaller at a rate of 25 to 30 fish per acre, per year. If you are not fertilizing the pond you will need to remove bass that are 14 inches or smaller at a rate of 10 to 15 fish per acre, per year. These are the basic harvest recommendations. Your situation may require a different harvest strategy. Contact us to determine if this may be the case.

Question: Will the Tiger Bass reproduce in my pond?

Answer: Yes they will. The Tiger Bass® is produced by crossing genetic strains of bass. It is not a hybrid. It will reproduce with any existing bass you may have in your pond.


Question: Some moss has started showing up in my pond. Will fertilizing the pond make it go away?

Answer: No!!! Fertilizers provide nutrients to plants and help them to grow. Stop fertilizing the pond until the plants are identified and treated properly.

Question: How do I get rid of the moss in my pond?

Answer: There are several species of aquatic vegetation and several ways to treat them. Proper identification of the plant is essential to achieve good control while spending the least amount of money. First, have the vegetation identified. Then proper treatments can be determined.