Special Sale on 8-10 Inch Tiger BassTiger Bass are the signature species of American Sport Fish Hatchery.  Last year, we produced a bounty of 8-10-inch Tiger Bass.  Brooders are in vats to begin the 2020 spawn.  We need pond space for the upcoming crop.   We’re offering these quality, feed-trained bass for $8 each.

American Sport Fish prides itself on having the best largemouth bass genetics among the industry. All brooders are pit tagged, fin-clipped, and genetically analyzed. New brooders are quarantined and tested before mixed with existing stock. In fact, we’re working with Auburn University to better understand variances between fish from different regions and how to utilize those traits for improving our bass lines.

There is an estimated 5-percent variation in some genes, even pure Florida and Northern bass. That’s due to origins from many environments across the country. We don’t accept fish that do not test over 95-percent pure.  Changes can be seen in different levels of heterogenicity in the Tiger Bass (F1s). In addition to in-house analysis, we work with multiple state agencies that independently test our fish as part of stocking contracts.  We have passed with flying colors every time.

Many folks stock these quality fish to revitalize genetics in older lakes.  Some use them to fill missing size classes.  As stated in a past offering, Tiger Bass are selected from generations of genetic analysis based on growth rates, body confirmation, and size potential.

Growing trophy bass requires healthy habitat, an abundant food chain, consistent harvest of underperforming fish and—superior genetics.  These 8-10-inch Tiger Bass are blue-ribbon winners.  Supplies are limited.  Economical delivery fees will apply.  Please call for more information.