Folks often think their bass look thin and feed them five or 10 pounds of minnows.  It’s a noble gesture, but not the best return on your investment to promote a long-term food chain.

Texoma Hatchery Owner Bob Lusk shares an amusing story about this supplemental feeding.  He explains that serving mature bass a bag of minnows is like us going to the doughnut shop.  Enjoying several doughnuts is a fun treat, but offers no benefits.

Remember our stories of bass requiring eight to 10 pounds of forage to gain just one pound.  If one bass ate the full 10 pounds, you spent $100 for that one pound of growth. Without a sustained food supply, the bass soon will revert to its thin appearance.

If your pond’s forage base is declining, stock 150 adult bluegill per surface acre. They will spawn thousands of baitfish annually and provide sportfish years of vital nutrition.  The main factor that limits a bass from achieving trophy class is the availability of food.

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