Our extensive video library provides in-depth knowledge on building, managing and maintaining ponds. Bob Lusk is always providing beneficial information about taking care of your pond through his Facebook Lives and other videos. Take a look at the Pond Boss YouTube channel here. Stop in and listen.

Shoreline Seminars: Spawning features

Shawn shows how spawning can be hard on some fish. These are spawning features are easy to spot. On the road with Shawn and the American Sport Fish team, March 2022. https://youtu.be/elFky4PAR-g

Shoreline Seminars: Otter Slide

Shawn with American Sport Fish helps you identify if you have otters in your lake. Take a look at this otter slide and other clues. https://youtu.be/xHBwV0a53U4

Shoreline Seminars: Big Hawg Fish

Shawn and the team at American Sport Fish did some hawg hunting this morning. This lake is stocked full of big bass. They look great. Bluegill and shad help them grow big. Remember to harvest & feed. Have questions, reach out to us at American Sport Fish. https://youtu.be/ ...

Lake Transformed with F1 Tiger Bass

This lake has been transformed with the addition of F1 Tiger Bass. This is video footage taken over 8 months. F1 Tiger Bass changed the dynamics of this lake. These Largemouth Bass are extremely aggressive. This private lake seemed like the Dead Sea until they started stocking F1Tiger Bass with a fe ...