Pond Liming washing agricultural limestone from a custom barge

Pond Liming washing agricultural limestone from a custom barge using a high-pressure water pump. Limestone is spread evenly over the entire pond to neutralize the acidity of the pond bottom.

In the south, some of the most productive trophy fishing ponds and lakes achieve that status by maintaining good water quality and by improving pond productivity through proper pond fertilization. A fertilization program stimulates phytoplankton growth which is the base of the food chain in your pond. Having more food available to the fish improves the growth rates and the maximum sizes of your fish.

Before adding fertilization to your pond management program, determine if your pond or lake requires an application of agricultural limestone. Your pond may require the application of agricultural lime to neutralize the acidity of the soil.

We use water alkalinity as the measure for lime requirements. If needed, the lime is delivered in bulk to the pond site. The lime is applied using a front-end loader and a barge. The barge spreads the lime over the accessible surface of the pond.

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