Woman conducting pond management services.

Pond Management services are our specialty at American Sport Fish. We can turn any pond, regardless of size, into your own honey hole through monthly pond management. We utilize fertilization, supplemental feeding, herbicide application, and electrofishing to accomplish this. The proper fertilization program can improve the productivity of your pond by over 300%; however, improper fertilization can create an aquatic vegetation nightmare. Take all of the guesswork out of it and let American Sport Fish maximize the potential of your pond.

Supplemental feeding will help push your bluegill to the next level. American Sport Fish is a licensed dealer for Texas Hunter Feeder and can install and maintain your feeder. Call today to start fattening up your bluegill, and therefore your bass.

Aquatic weeds can turn a beautiful fishing hole into an ugly, unfishable nightmare. These weeds can be controlled through a combination of herbicide application and grass carp stocking. As part of ASF’s monthly management program, we will eliminate weeds before they become a problem at no additional labor charge. Whether you are a monthly customer or just need our services or advice, let our certified applicators take care of your weed problems.

There are many things that can cause the fish population of a pond to get out of balance. Electrofishing is the best way to determine exactly what your population looks like and the most effective way to correct the problem. So don’t give up on that pond full of skinny bass, let us design a plan to bring it back to life through our pond management services.

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Murky Ponds – Causes and Corrective Options

Got a murky pond? Murkiness as a "symptom" of the condition. Here are standard procedures pond doctors use to diagnose the source. The first step is determining if murkiness is caused by activity in or around the pond. Is there a large population of carp, catfish, or other bottom feeders ...

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Aquatic Vegetation

Aquatic Vegetation Control Aquatic vegetation, both native and exotic, can become a nuisance if not properly managed. This is especially true in fertile ponds where there are plenty of nutrients available for plant growth. Excessive vegetation can hinder fishing, swimming, and boating activities. In some cases the easiest and most ...

Pond Fertilizing

Fertilizing a pond may increase the productivity of the pond by as much as 400%. When fertilizing, the goal is to produce an "algae bloom", which usually turns the water a green color. This algae bloom is actually billions of microscopic algae cells that act as the base of the food ...

Supplemental Feeding

A supplemental feeding program can increase the size of your bluegill while also increasing their reproduction. Increased reproduction translates to more food for your bass population. The Coppernose Bluegill responds very well to supplemental feeding and has the potential to reach 1.5 to 2 pounds in some cases. In new ponds with ...

Pond Dye Maintenance

There are many tools in a pond manager’s tool bag to maintain a healthy and aesthetically pleasing pond. One of those tools is pond dye. AFS has been using BRANDT MIDNIGHT BLUE SS both on the farm and in client ponds for a long time and we are very ...