Tiger Bass® is a one of a kind fish. They are aggressive and fast-growing.

Tiger Bass® Created by our team of scientists, the Tiger Bass® has been specially bred for aggressiveness and fast growth. In well-managed lakes, they have consistently gained more than two pounds per year. Biologists refer to this fish as a true F-1, because it is a cross between two pure subspecies of bass: a special strain of aggressive Northern Bass and a pure strain of Florida Bass that comes from a proven trophy line. American Sport Fish is the only hatchery licensed to produce and sell the Tiger Bass®.

The world record bass, which weighed 22 pounds and 4 ounces, came from southern Georgia and is thought to be a northern/ Florida intergrade. Our Tiger Bass® have already gained weight of 15 pounds in eight years. We expect them to break state records in the next several years. Contact us for more information on sizes and availability.