Aquatic Vegetation Control

Two people fishing on a pond.Aquatic vegetation, both native and exotic, can become a nuisance if not properly managed. This is especially true in fertile ponds where there are plenty of nutrients available for plant growth. Excessive vegetation can hinder fishing, swimming, and boating activities. In some cases the easiest and most effective control can be achieved by stocking grass carp into your pond. In situations where biological and mechanical controls of vegetation are not effective or possible, herbicide treatments can produce the desired results. The use of approved herbicides for the control of unwanted vegetation is safe when handled and applied properly.

Grass Carp covering pond. Aquatic Vegetation Control Many herbicides treat specific plants, therefore proper plant identification is essential. We provide weed identification services and offer specific recommendations for aquatic weed control, including herbicide use.

Consult the Experts

American Sport Fish has certified aquatic herbicide applicators that are experienced and qualified to treat your weed problem. Contact us for more information regarding our herbicide application and other pond management and lake management services.

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