Man on farm holding Northern Bass Brood Stock.Through more than 15 years of genetic selection, American Sport Fish has developed a very aggressive strain of northern bass. Aggressive feeding behavior is an inheritable trait, and each generation of bass has been selected for its aggressive behavior.

  • Aggressive feeders, especially on artificial lures
  • Cold-water tolerant
  • Fast-growing up to 10 pounds

These fish are strong feeders and respond well to artificial baits. These traits hold true even when they become older. Additionally, they are more tolerant of colder water than the Florida bass.

Adult northern bass are often added to lakes that are home to a majority of Florida bass, to increase the angler’s catch rate and to introduce their aggressive feeding genetics to Florida bass populations. Want to stock your pond with northern bass?  Contact us for more information on sizes and availability. Be sure to ask about our pond management and lake management services as well.

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