Coppernose Bluegill

The coppernose bluegill is a subspecies of the common bluegill. It is not a hybrid. Native to Florida and southeast Georgia, it has a range similar to that of the Florida largemouth bass.

The coloration of the coppernose differs from that of the common bluegill. Its name comes from the copper band that runs across the head of the fish, which is more pronounced in the colorful males of the species. These fish also have vertical bars, fins that have a yellowish tint, and a pencil white line on the margins of the fins.

Nice Stringer of Coppernose BluegillThe coppernose bluegill grows faster and eats pelleted feed more readily than the common bluegill. With proper management and stocking, it is possible for them to reach sizes in excess of 2 pounds.

Coppernose bluegill are available as fingerlings (1-2″) for stocking new ponds or as intermediates (3-4″) for restocking existing ponds.

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