aquatic weeds

One of the most common problems that lake owners must deal with each spring and summer is unwanted aquatic vegetation. These aquatic weeds can be controlled chemically with aquatic herbicides, or biologically by introducing a plant-eating fish.

The most common and effective biological control is the grass carp, or white amur, an exotic plant-eating fish. This fish can eat 100% of its body weight in vegetation each day.

grass carp

Research conducted at universities throughout the Southeast has shown that stocking 10 to 15 carp per acre will control moderate weed infestations. Heavy infestations (where the majority of the lake is covered), requires 20 or more carp per acre.

Grass carp are available as either diploid or triploid (sterile) fish. Check with your state wildlife and fisheries agency to determine the legal requirements for grass carp.

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