How to build a fish habitat

2016-03-25_12-23-53The overall objective to building a fish habitat or a MossBack Fish City is to help improve productivity. A Fish City includes:

Centrally Located Dense Cover: This phase was designed to provide travel corridors and safe haven for fry and baitfish while transitioning from shoreline to a slightly deeper central sanctuary. These units include two very dense horizontal units placed side-by-side in a perpendicular arrangement running from shoreline towards deeper water.   Three Mossback Safe Haven Kits were then placed at the end of the runway giving fry and baitfish ample sanctuary.

Adjacent Ambush Structure: Another goal of the Fish City was to create efficient forage habitat for sport fish. Six Mossback Trophy Tree Kits were used to surround bait-filled dense units. The arrangement provides abundant interstitial space and ambush points for larger fish. In theory, bass will expend less energy feeding since baitfish will be congregated in centrally located, dense habitat.

Deep Water Vertical Habitat: Four Mossback MB2 Trophy Tree Kits are placed in deeper water off the end of above-mentioned units to allow vertical depth preferences of sport fish while they loaf between feeding periods. As water warms or cools, fish may suspend at different depths with plenty of habitat options.