What is the best type of fish for your pond, and how can you find out? Find out what the experts at Purina Mills think, and find resources for all your other pond questions.

Alright and also the right type of fish for my pond. Bob, why don’t you take that. Where do I go to look for those? The right kind.

Well, the first thing you’ve got to do is do your homework to know what it is that you want. You know, most cities, rural communities, in the midwest, northeast, where there is ponds, where there are ponds there’s trucks that come to town. There’s hatcheries that are local. You know, but they tend to want to sell you what they want you to buy. So, my best advice, I think, Brad, is to know what it is you want, make your plan, and then contact a local hatchery.


Fish coming from a local source is a much much better option than trying to bring fish in from somewhere else around the country.


But, caveat emptor, you know, the more the consumer understands, the more the pond owner understands about what fish he wants, the better options he’s going to have when he goes to that fish hatchery and decides what to buy.


Local hatcheries, find them from the extension service, NRCS, word of mouth, go to a local feed store, go to your Purina dealer. If they sell fish food, they probably know where the nearest fish hatchery is to buy fish.

Alright, so it’s all about planning your work, working your plan?

That’s it. You’ve got it.

And Bob’s being modest, another resource that you can go to is pondboss.com and he has a list of resources and local people. Bob, you might want to talk a little bit about the forum you have that people can get additional information from.

Well, we’ll set that aside. Yeah, our website is a pretty fascinating place. It’s turned into a family just go to pondboss.com, click on “Ask the Boss,” and you’ll be introduced to a forum that is a wealth of information. It’s been there six or seven years, not many questions that haven’t been asked, and you’ve got a whole family of people. People who have products to sell. There’s people who’ve been there, done that. There’s people who have studied it. So, you’re going to get a wide range of opinions and a lot of help from pondboss.com “Ask the Boss”

Is your picture right there next to the boss?

If it’s not, then it will be by the time we get home.

I was going to say, I bet it is.