It’s January and February.  Your football team didn’t make the playoffs. Most fish have moved to deep, warmer depths for winter.  It’s not golfing weather.  That can make for a long weekend.  How ‘bout some really fun fishing that will extend your pond season and add a special item to any dinner menu—rainbow trout.

No, that wasn’t a typo.  By mid-December, water temperatures will cool to levels when trout thrive in our region.  You can stock them in any size pond.  The clearer the water, the more fun to watch.  The smaller your pond, the better your catch rates.  It may make you homesick for pet bluegill or catfish, but plan to feed the trout Purina Aquamax for continued nutrition and growth.

We offer three sizes.  Rainbow trout are among the most nutritious forage for largemouth bass.  Those near record lunkers you hear about in California reach eye-popping size on trout.  Four to six-inch forage classes are $3.50 each.  The most popular size averages 10-inches and is $6.25 per pound.  For serious trout anglers, we stock 14-15 inchers at $12 per pound.

Don’t miss this unique fishing experience!  Imagine the surprise of anglers when they see what’s on the end of their line.  To insure delivery for holiday fun, place orders by December 15.  Call To Place Your Order, 903-564-5372.