Deep Ponds Grow More Fish

Pond Aeration Diffuser

When folks call to order fish, they often say–my pond is small, but it’s deep. Sounds logical. More water, more fish. Depth increases water storage potential. Unfortunately, it does not increase the volume of fish a pond can support.

Past articles highlight thermoclines and their affect on fish habitat. The accompanying illustration shows fish near the surface and a void, uninhabited space to the bottom. Where the two meet is a thermocline. Water above that line contains oxygen. Areas below do not. Thermoclines develop in the spring and dissipate in the fall during seasonal water temperature transitions.   While thermoclines exist, fish can live only above the line. Thermocline depth varies by pond. Typically, it’s midway of the water column. If you’ve been swimming in a warm farm pond and your foot felt a cold zone, that’s the thermocline.

Depth enhances water storage potential. It does not determine fish carrying capacity. Gray area is void of oxygen.

Deep ponds must be aerated to benefit fish.

There is a way to increase fish populations in deep ponds–install aeration. Bottom mounted diffusers pump dense columns of small bubbles that lift stagnant water to the surface. Foul water is cleaned when exposed to sunlight and oxygen. It, then, circulates back to the bottom greatly increasing pond productivity. Professionally-designed aeration systems recycle ponds every 24 to 36-hours.

You can maximize fish populations with high-protein feed and aeration. Let’s make a plan!