pond aeration

Customer Testimonial: Pond Aeration

“In late 2005, I constructed a 5.5- acre pond in West Central Oklahoma near a floodplain of the South Canadian River. The area is a major flyway for migrating waterfowl. From November, 2013, to March, 2014, approximately 10,000 to 12,000 mallards visited my pond daily. Most left in the morning, spent the day on the river, and returned at sundown.  About 2,000 to 3,000 remained on the pond continuously.

Ensuing organic waste from the ducks resulted in a slow, significant fish kill from late winter through early spring.  Much aquatic vegetation died. Previous six-foot water clarity was reduced to one-inch black turbid appearance.  I was faced with restoring healthy water quality without starting over from scratch.

I sought advice from the team at Bob Lusk Outdoors.  Biologist Justin Stane consulted experts at Kasco Marine. Their team recommended a Robust Aire 6 aeration system using six diffusers.  They were great to work with, provided professional experience, and solutions that helped achieve my goals. We cleaned the foul (or fowl) water, restored health of stressed fish, and managed my pond in a natural way.

Kasco helped answer many questions, not only about aeration/diffuser operations, but the type, size, design, and layout of the system.  Justin installed and tested it in one day.  After three months, water clarity went from one-inch to about two-feet. Appearance went from black turbid to a dark greenish color.

Snow goose, Anser caerulescensThe most obvious sign my pond officially came back to life occurred during a fishing outing.  I had been fishing every weekend since the RA6 was installed. I caught occasional bass six to 10-inches.  On this day, during one hour, I caught six between 12 and 15-inches.  A seventh bass spit the hook when it jumped.  Being an honest fisherman, I’d say it would go about 18-inches.  All fish were fat, healthy, and vigorous.

I am convinced the RA6 system saved my pond. I can move forward with fish that survived instead of starting over.  Water is circulating and increasing dissolved oxygen at all depths. Diffusers are producing uniform temperature throughout the water column from surface to bottom. The aeration system not only saved my pond, it increased livable habitat, plus greater carrying capacity for largemouth bass and sunfish.  Now all I have to do is make sure I have plentiful baitfish for expanded, productive areas.  Thank you Bob Lusk Outdoors and Kasco.”

Will Reagan
Oklahoma City, OK