We receive countless calls from enthusiastic folks who want to improve a dream pond.  Our biologists review their goals and implement the plan.  Mid-season, we inquire about progress only to learn the owner hasn’t visited the pond.  Have you planted a tree or flowers with high expectation they would thrive without cultivation?  Ponds are no different.

Through December, we’re offering a shoreline consultation for $350, plus travel costs, to assess successes and challenges from last spring and summer.  Fall is the perfect season for these evaluations.  If you had a vegetation problem, we’ll see lingering signs before plants recede into winter dormancy.  We’ll review catch records to determine if fish grew at healthy rates.   Has your water projected an appealing green color or stagnant, smelly odor?

Don’t under estimate your pond’s potential—regardless of size. Vegetation can be managed to create desirable habitat.  If fish are under weight, you may require increased harvest and enhanced food chain supplements.  Perhaps you need an electrofishing survey for more in-depth study of fish populations.  Poor water quality can be improved significantly with aeration.  Has someone told you ponds smaller than one acre shouldn’t be stocked with bass?  We have a feed-trained bass program that will make you think you’re fishing at Disney World.

It’s only 90-days until the 2013 season begins.  Successful pond management requires one simple effort—A PLAN.  Texoma Hatchery is a full-service pond management firm with 32-years experience introducing landowners to fascinating features and opportunities in their treasured waters.  From construction and design counseling for new lakes, to fish stocking and long-term support, it would be a privilege to help you develop untapped potential of your property.

What day is convenient for your schedule?  Call Chad or Walter to schedule your consultation, 903-564-5372 or place your order online.