Dock Live WellsHarvest, harvest, harvest!  It’s one of the four required steps for successful pond management.  You’ve heard us preach about it for years.  Some old friends who see us coming, probably cross the street to avoid another sermon on the topic.  A valuable resource to make the task easier–a dock live well!

How many times have you fished until sunset, returned to the dock with a stringer of fish, and dreaded taking an hour to clean them?  You could be home in an hour.  Now you can release them in the cage.  Call a neighbor who’s been asking for a mess and tell him to raid the cage.  Or, clean them when you return in a few days.

See the accompanying photo for a neat design.  Make the frame and lid from sturdy PVC pipe.  The volume of fish you anticipate storing will determine length, width, and depth.  Measure combined square footage of top, bottom, and side panels.  Cover the frame with vinyl netting.  Place the assembled frame in the center of outstretched netting, lift edges to the top rod, and attach all around with wire ties.  Strap foam floats on each side of the top.  If possible, keep the cage in a shaded area during warm seasons.  Also make them deeper if you feel fish may be held extended periods during warm months.

Football season is almost over.  What a worthwhile way to spend a weekend!