Pond temperatures are warming.  Thermoclines will develop soon.  It’s time to resume aeration.  Because units run continually 9-months, it’s very important to maintain compressors. Don’t Overlook Servicing Aeration Equipment.

Consult the owner’s manual for important steps to begin a new season:

A) Install a rebuild kit. They should be replaced each year before a new season.

B) Replace air filters. They aid in keeping compressors cool.

C) GRADUALLY START BOTTOM DIFFUSED SYSTEMS OVER 5-DAYS. WITHOUT SLOW START-UP, YOU CAN INDUCE A TURNOVER AND HARM FISH.  Use a timer clock. Run one-hour the first day, two the second, four the third, eight the fourth, and 16 the fifth.  On the sixth day, begin operating 24/7.  Cease running December to March so fish have deep, warm zones during winter.

D) Regularly flex air stations to sustain efficient diffuser air flow and efficient boiling action on the surface.

E) Maximize ventilation by keeping cabinet inlets and outlets free of debris and weed growth. Delayed response may overheat and damage compressors.