Dove hunters, oil your gun, roundup camouflage gear, and enjoy opening day of dove season with the Pond Boss Bob Lusk.  The hunt is September 1-3 near Abilene.  Shoot until your shoulder is sore and then swap pond management stories.

Bob’s long time friend and veteran dove outfitter Jerry Woods is offering hunting opportunities that are comparable to any you experience in Mexico.  Jerry says, “Wheat and sunflower fields draw hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, trillions, and even ‘national debt’ numbers of birds”.  Jerry is a wildlife biologist.  He has traveled this region many years identifying best areas.  He also has good milo and cornfields in the DFW area, but they’re not as consistent as Abilene sites.

Jerry recommends hunting opening weekend.  Later periods in September and October can be good, but less predictable with fall cold fronts.  He can assist with finding motel rooms, planning a barbeque, or related services to insure you have a memorable outing.  Individuals or companies may reserve a field for their private use if the group meets minimum number policies.

 Hunting fees:

$250 – Sept. 1 – 2 – 3
$150 – Sept. 1 only
$100 – Per day Sept. 2 or 3
$500 – Season package per hunter to hunt many different fields.
$750 – Season package per hunter with guest.  Bring one friend, client, or family member on unlimited hunts.

Corporate Leases – Call for quotes.  Fees are contingent on field size, number of hunters, exclusivity, and location.

Contact Jerry Woods at (903) 816-0405 to place your reservation for this memorable Pond Boss hunt.