Benefits of forming a Pond Management Coop with Neighbors

coop 1

On the water conferences

When you stop to see a neighbor at the mailbox, farm and ranch store, or driving along a property fence line, conversations soon turn to “have you reconnected with the big bass that broke your line last week” or “seen any good bucks on your game camera”? We would enjoy working with you to grow those friendships into a neighborhood coop offering increased pond productivity, savings, and fun.

INFORMATION is the blueprint for maximizing conservation stewardship. We can help:

  • Conduct quarterly meetings on timely, seasonal topics. Our biologists will attend and share management tips.
  • Plan group tilapia, threadfin shad, crawfish, or fish orders so members save on delivery.
  • Schedule coop lake surveys on the same day. Afterward, meet for a picnic and share results.
  • Hold fishing events to help each other meet crucial harvest quotas.
  • Provide professional consultation to ensure successful projects.

We’ll show how ponds:

  • Promote healthy ecosystems.
  • Contribute important habitat that leads to thriving waters.
  • Reduce sediment.
  • Manage flood control.
  • Percolate water back into aquifers.
  • Enhance property value.
  • Contribute wildlife habitat.
  • Create family fun and memories. 
coop 2

Fun member meetings.

We stand on a bedrock of mutual respect for the land and water we work, plus critters that inhabit those rich resources. We marvel at the senses of water as we reach down to land a fish. Within the walls of a meeting room or gathered around a campfire, our thoughts are never far from continually seeking ways to improve environments and Nature’s critters.

coop 3

Shoreline seminars

Landowners have an awesome responsibility to promote conservation stewardship. Be it fish or wildlife, all critters have similar needs. Simply provide proper habitat. Maintain nutritious food chains. Manage genetics. Harvest prescribed species to properly balance the ecosystem’s carrying capacity. All will prosper. You can take pride in enhancing natural resources. We’ll help formulate a plan. You’ll be amazed what lurks in ponds and dense thickets of your woodlands.

Our pro staff will teach members how to:

  • Renovate an existing pond or choose the best site for a new one.
  • Grow big bluegill, catfish, or bass.
  • Develop a pond into an income-producing asset.
  • Find the best supplies and products for the best results.
  • Manage vegetation.
  • Develop habitat that attracts waterfowl and wildlife.
  • Select the right fish for the right ponds.
coop 4

Results of a successful plan.

Bob Lusk Outdoors is a dedicated group. We love what we do! We strive to provide creative programs that educate and entertain. We provide VIP access to the pond management industry. We deliver information members can share with friends and have them counting days until the next meeting.

Climb in the boat with us to – discover new frontiers in pond, wildlife, and land management.  If watching antics of feeding fish with your kids or grandchildren sounds fun, we’ll teach you best methods.  If sitting in a blind or on a dock watching critters perform on Nature’s stage sounds like an adventure, it is.  Her cast of actors typically is shy.  Offer them hospitality with food and shelter.  They’ll give an unforgettable performance.  You’ll go home with a new memory every day!

Join our family. It’s great fun! If there’s not a coop near you, contact us for assistance in forming one.