shade structures for a pond or lake. creating habitat

Replicate brush piles

Becoming a member of the 10-pound Hall of Fame, or larger, takes serious commitment. Growing big bass is not a casual endeavor. Abundant forage is crucial, but habitat is just as important in providing:

  • Cover to produce generations of baitfish.
  • Ambush points to help bass feed efficiently.
  • Shaded structures so fish have spots to loaf between active periods.
  • Fish cities that attract them to preferred areas.
  • Most important—these cities congregate fish for improved catch rates.
placing shade structures

Replace small bushes in shallows.


Communities can be custom-designed so bass travel short distances to feed.  Nourishment is converted to growth, not expended searching the entire lake for the next meal.

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men adding shade structures to a lake

Improve cover around points and dropoffs