Does your lake have a flood control pipe?  Is it corrugated pipe?  Are you seeing rusted areas?  If the answer is yes, climb to the top of the dam, call your dirt contractor, and schedule an inspection.  He’ll help you examine the pipe in front and behind the dam for seepage.

Early detection can save devastating consequences.  Some old pipes can be sealed before they blow out. It may require constructing a new spillway, but it’s better than losing the dam, the lake, and fish.

Our colleague, Mike Otto, recommends checking overflow pipes monthly, particularly if the pond is carrying an above average runoff.  He suggests not using corrugated metal pipe in a dam.  There are other options

Repairing damaged pipe is a tedious job.  Work is demanding, often in extremely close quarters, and a race against the clock to save the lake.

“Once water exercises its power through movement”, Mike explained, “there is just no simple way to block it off until Mother Mother Nature finishes showing us who’s boss”.