It’s time to make lemonade from the pile of lemons dumped on us by the current drought. While lake elevations are at record low levels—replenish fish cover. Or, renovate  completely…if you can find an earthmover that can get to it.

Use fine-limbed trees, like cedar or old Christmas trees, for baitfish such as bluegill. They provide security zones for young fish to escape predation and contribute future generations of forage. These spots also draw feeding bass. If you want bass condos, pile larger tree limbs or similar objects with open areas where bass can loaf and ambush passing prey.  Be sure to mark these locations.  Both are proven fish attractors that will improve your catch success.

Attractors should be six-feet by six-feet by six-feet.  Add three to four per acre depending on existing cover.  Anchor them in depths that will be approximately eight feet deep at normal pool.  During average years when lake levels may drop only three feet, they will remain covered and productive.

Call if you need assistance with designing a plan or installation!