Product Review-Mid Season Management

Are bass meeting relative weight standards for healthy growth?

We’re at mid-term of the 2019 lake management season. Water surface temperatures feel like bath water. Fish are seeking cool, shaded zones like we’re seeking air-conditioned comfort. Electrofishing surveys and fish stocking are suspended until October 1.  Now’s the time to review spring progress and confirm the plan is on track for meeting current goals.

Here are the important questions:

  • Are you seeing bluegill spawning beds around the shoreline?  Maybe it’s time to construct this valuable habitat to increase bluegill forage.
  • What are current bass relative weights?  Should you increase bass harvest from now until fall to meet critical annual harvest quotas?
  • Is water quality at productive levels?  Plankton blooms should be maintaining 18 to 30-inch Secchi disk readings.
  • Are you reeling in more vegetation than fish?  Dense growth could be limiting bass from accessing baitfish and consuming the next 10-pounds toward trophy size.
  • Does your lake have a murky color instead of an appealing green tint?  There are methods to improve visibility for a more healthy environment.

Did you pass with flying colors or determine the management plan needs adjustment to maximize potential? Don’t miss the opportunity to grow quality fish that pay dividends in life-long–memories. Let’s visit about conditions so bass don’t stunt.

Mid-Season Product Review

Catching more vegetation than fish?

Mid-Season Product Review

Seeing numerous spawning beds?

Mid-Season Product Review

Water fertile and growing plankton?