Perfect Pond PlusWould you like to increase your fish production by up to 400%? Perfect Pond Plus® is a water soluble fertilizer that is easy to apply, water-soluble, and it will not clump. The 12-48-8 formulation and the patent pending micro-nutrient package produce excellent phytoplankton blooms that are the base of the food chain in ponds. The increased amount of plankton is eaten by aquatic insects and zooplankton, which serve as food for small fish. More small fish results in more food for the larger fish such as largemouth bass. Perfect Pond Plus® should be applied when the water temperatures reach 60 degrees F in the spring (late February/early March in the south), and double (10 lbs per surface acre), the normal rate for the first application.

Perfect Pond Plus

After the first application, apply Perfect Pond Plus® at 5 lbs per surface acre once every two weeks until the pond produces a green bloom. Once the green color appears, fertilize as needed (about once per month), to maintain the green color. You can measure the green color using a white disk to measure the visibility. The visibility should be maintained between 18 and 24 inches. Perfect Pond Plus can be applied by broadcasting from the bank or by boat. Stop fertilizing once the water temperature declines into the 50’s around November. Do not fertilize if undesirable vegetation is present. Fertilizer will stimulate the plants growth.