Feed natural insects.

Folks who enjoy healthy, organic diets share their menu with family, pets, and yes–fish. BoJo Fish Lights are a unique method to provide natural food and memorable entertainment watching fish feed.

BoJos are economical, ecological ways to control nighttime insects, feed fish, and increase opportunities for catching the big one around your dock! Fish love fresh, protein-rich, wriggly bugs.  Bluegill and other baitfish feed on bugs that comprise the bottom rung of the food chain. These forage fish will live under the light waiting for their next meal. Bass, crappie, catfish and other sportfish will be attracted to the dock looking for their next meal.

BoJo lights are manufactured from stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized metal. They include one light with a pair of white fluorescent bulbs. The light attracts bugs. When flying under the fixture, they are knocked into the water by a spinning wire resembling a weedeater. In most cases, bugs land on the water still alive. Fish thrive on the endless supply of insects.

Lights are shipped with a standard 115-volt, three-prong plug. They can be wired directly to GFCI-protected power outlets, or used in an accessory Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet portable accessory. Bojo recommends lights (and any other electrical devices used near water) are connected and protected by a GFCI circuit.