We continually stress abundant forage is the primary factor determining success or failure in healthy fish development. Don’t let poor food chain management limit bass from attaining trophy potential. Stock threadfin shad and crawfish.

Threadfin are high protein and reach five to seven-inches at maturity. They are filter feeders that consume plankton while traveling open waters in large schools. It’s common to see threadfin feeding on photosensitive plankton as it rises to the surface at sundown. Threadfin spawn multiple times on hard surfaces near deep water. Offspring mature quickly and begin reproducing within 90-days. They are attracted to light and can be observed around lighted docks. Threadfin are bluish gray, have a black dot behind the head, and survive three out of five North Texas winters. Stocking rates vary with the lake owner’s management plan. Let’s discuss your goals to determine the proper amount. Bob says if you want bass with a stomach like an Alabama deputy sheriff, stock threadfins. The only thing preventing bass from achieving wall hanger status is the availability of food. Threadfins are available only 45-days. Price is $200 per 1,000, plus delivery costs. Minimum order is 5,000. Delivery begins in April as water temperatures permit. Place your order so early shad spawns occur in your lake!

How many times have you landed a bass and seen crawfish whiskers or pinchers protruding from it’s throat? Many anglers feel crawfish are a bass’ favorite meal. They, too, are available only during April and May. Stocking ratios are contingent on intensity of the management plan. Typical rates are 75 to 100-pounds per surface acre. Price is $4.50 per pound, plus delivery. They are shipped in ice-covered mesh bags. We lay the bags at the water line. Let crawfish acclimate to lake temperatures, open the bag, and watch them scurry away. Lake managers recommend shad, crawfish, and tilapia to diversify feeding options. They are considered supplemental forage and restocked annually. Each offers different size meals for different size fish. Due to crawfish popularity, we don’t assume stocking them will establish long-term populations.