Lake surveys provide valuable opportunities to assess water quality,  fish health, relative weights, vegetation, general habitat, and other crucial areas that contribute to achieving management goals.  Now’s the time to conduct surveys and ensure there are no shortfalls that could limit the fishery from maximizing potential this season.

Prior to beginning a survey, our biologist will discuss your goals.  While traversing the lake, he will compare the information to observations of current conditions.  Now to the fun part.  Climb in the boat. You can stand on the bow and enjoy a hands-on experience.  Help net fish.  At the end of the day, you’ll have a whole new perspective of the lake and its future. Surveys are highly informative and entertaining.  All fish collected are released unharmed, except those that fall within the harvest slot.  Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Collect a sample of fish species.
  • Weigh and measure bass to assess their development.
  • Evaluate the forage base.
  • Inspect vegetation conditions.
  • Review fish habitat.
  • Discuss harvest history.
  • Test water quality.
  • Review supplemental feeding programs.
  • Explain how fertilization can increase lake production.
  • Identify other potential features to attain optimum production of this valuable resource.

After the survey, we’ll review initial results and answer questions. The biologist will analyze findings and prepare a comprehensive report summarizing  data.  It includes graphs with relative weight of bass, plus a population profile of age classes. The report will outline recommendations to achieve your goals.  It provides valuable material to make informed decisions for a successful plan. The fee for above services is $1,250, plus travel expenses.  Surveys are sampling techniques.  We sample fish from select areas until determining we have an accurate profile of the fishery.

Spring surveys must be completed before late June. By July 1, water temperatures reach levels that stress fish during handling.  Fall surveys begin around October 1.  Call for more details.