How long since your last fish physical?  Climb in the boat with our biologists, discuss management goals, and discover fascinating features of your underwater world. You can stand on the bow and enjoy a hands-on experience.  Help net fish.  Gain a whole new perspective of the lake and its future.

Lake surveys are highly informative and entertaining.  All fish collected will be released unharmed, except those that fall within the harvest slot. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Collect a sample of fish species.
  • Weigh and measure bass to assess development.
  • Evaluate the forage base.
  • Inspect vegetation.
  • Review fish habitat.
  • Discuss bass harvest history.
  • Test water quality.
  • Review supplemental feeding.
  • Explain how fertilization can increase lake production.
  • Identify other features to attain optimum lake production.

Surveys are samplingtechniques.  Biologists will sample fish from select areas until determining they have an accurate profile of the fishery.  After the survey, we’ll review observations and answer questions.  If you have smaller ponds, we can conduct shoreline assessments and determine how they might contribute to the master lake management strategy.  After touring all sites, biologists will analyze findings and prepare a comprehensive report summarizing   survey data.  The report will outline recommendations to achieve goals.  It provides a base-line of valuable information to make informed decisionsfor a successful plan.

As you observe, lakes are dynamic ecosystems. Conditions change season to season. If water turkeys homestead you or water levels drop for extended periods, the food chain can suffer.  If vegetation consumes large areas, bass can’t feed efficiently.  If annual harvest quotas are not met, bass populations increase, forage declines, and so does growth.  Food chains can be restored, but lost growing seasons cannot.  Remember the point—a bass must eat 10-pounds of baitfish to grow one, single pound?  Failing to meet that requirement over a couple years will limit a potential trophy from a coveted spot on your Wall of Fame.

October and November are peak survey periods.  Water temps are cooling.  Fish are frisky and returning to shallows for a Fall feeding frenzy.  Call for an appointment to ensure your bass pass a physical.