Rainbow Trout

You’ve cut three cords of wood.  You raked the yard twice since leaves stopped falling.  How will you fill weekends until fish become active in March?

Suddenly you remember, “Is it too late to stock rainbow trout?

Stocking trout is FUN!  Kids especially love them.  No pond is too small.  In fact, the smaller the pond, the higher your catch rates.   Trout respond to floating feed and achieve good growth rates—if not landing in the frying pan early.  Have you watched trout at Cabela’s?  You’ll get hooked.  They thrive in our region until around Memorial Day.

Delivery begins in mid-December.  Stocking rates depend on how many friends learn you have them.  Consider 100-pounds of 10-12-inchers per surface acre.  Some folks purchase 6-inchers to supplement forage for pet bass.  Stocking recommendations for that goal is 125 per surface acre.  Order now for a memorable holiday fishing experience.