ElectrofishingAn Electrofishing Assessment involves the use of a specially designed and equipped electrofishing boat that allows our biologists to obtain a representative sample of the fish population in a pond or lake.  The fish are stunned by an electrical current and are captured with a dip net and placed in a live well. The fish are measured and weighed, and then returned to the pond unharmed.  This process allows us to evaluate the status of the fish population in order to make management recommendations for the lake or pond.  From the data collected during electrofishing, we can determine what species of fish are present in the water body, as well as the relative abundance of each size group of bass and bluegill. We can also determine the condition (fat or skinny) of the game fish in each size group.

Electrofishing SurveyIn addition to the fish population assessment, a water quality analysis will be conducted at our laboratory to determine if your pond has the proper range of pH and if the lake or pond needs liming. We will survey and identify all aquatic plants and make recommendations for control.  Finally, the physical characteristics of the pond will be examined to identify potential problems.  All of the observations and data that are collected will be included in a comprehensive report.  The report will include recommendations that are tailored to the specific goals of each pond owner.  Electrofishing is an excellent way to determine the condition of your pond and fish population especially before you begin to change or intensify management strategies.

American Sport Fish provides electrofishing service throughout the southeast area. Call to discuss scheduling and prices with one of our biologists.


Is your pond in need of dredging? In addition to lime application, aeration system installation, and habitat enhancement, ASF also specializes in dredging.

Our equipment is ideal for dredging boat slips, marina slips, in and around culverts, and boat ramps. We can also remove islands formed by storm water runoff or poor pond construction.

Dredged material can be pumped great distances through pipe to a spoil site, where it can later be removed by truck. This minimizes the damage to landscaping that would otherwise be caused by heavy equipment.

Call American Sportfish for an estimate on your dredging project.

Dredging Rig

Pond Management through electrofishing


Pond Management is our specialty at American Sport Fish. We can turn any pond, regardless of size, into your own honey hole through monthly pond management. We utilize fertilization, supplemental feeding, herbicide application, and electrofishing to accomplish this. The proper fertilization program can improve the productivity of your pond by over 300%; however, improper fertilization can create an aquatic vegetation nightmare. Take all of the guess work out of it and let American Sport Fish maximize the potential of your pond.

Supplemental feeding will help push your bluegill to the next level. American Sport Fish is a licensed dealer for Texas Hunter Feeder and can install and maintain your feeder. Call today to start fattening up your bluegill, and therefore your bass.

Aquatic weeds can turn a beautiful fishing hole into an ugly, unfishable nightmare. These weeds can be controlled through a combination of herbicide application and grass carp stocking. As part of ASF’s monthly management program, we will eliminate weeds before they become a problem at no additional labor charge. Whether you are a monthly customer or just need our services or advice, let our certified applicators take care of your weed problems.

There are many things that can cause the fish population of a pond to get out of balance. Electrofishing is the best way to determine exactly what your population looks like and the most effective way to correct the problem. So don’t give up on that pond full of skinny bass, let us design a plan to bring it back to life through our pond management services.