There’s nothing more disappointing than receiving a phone call from a pond owner who has experienced a fish kill.  We recently spoke with a party who had invested five years of intensive management to attain high goals.  In one brief period, water quality declined and he lost prized fish.

The pond was two acres.  The owner had invested $1,275 to stock, $900 for an automatic feeder, and a five-year supply of fish food.  The mature fish were worth thousands of dollars.  Costs to restock will be $1,275.  Five more years of feed.  The most challenging part, waiting another five years to regrow lost trophies.

Folks view water analysis and aeration as insurance policies.  See the below form for submitting a water sample to the Soil Testing Lab at Texas A&M.  Test fee is $20.  Contact us for assistance with interpreting results.  Call for options to install a custom-designed aeration system.