Looking to get bigger fish? Does aeration help with the growth of fish? Find out what the experts at Purina Mills think.

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It is. I was wondering about the aeration as for the growth of fish and that’s one question. The second one is why don’t you have your program on more often?

Well, thank you. I’ll pass that along to the powers that be, you never know, Now I’ve forgotten the first question.

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We’ve got the cameras, we’re here. What are you guys doing? Well aeration…

I can tackle the one on aeration. Aeration in many ways is more like an insurance policy, and it prevents catastrophic failures. It prevents the die-offs that are possible, and but secondly, if you have a situation where the fish are in marginal conditions, where they’re not happy that is to say, that there’s frequent bouts of low-dissolved oxygen, then aeration definitely will make those fish happier. That’s management in health and they will eat more. In fact the last thing you want to do in a pond when they’re under an oxygen stress because of low-dissolved oxygen levels is to go out and feed them because that sudden burst of energy and activity from those fish will rapidly deplete the remaining oxygen that’s in there, and then you have real problems. So aeration is a wonderful insurance policy for virtually any pond and in ponds that are marginal with dissolved oxygen, you certainly will see a benefit.