Have you ever wondered what is the blue green film that is visible on the top of some ponds? The experts at Purina Mills are here to talk about it.

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These guys they’ll build they’ll captivate you it’s kind of like a deer in the headlight thing with them

Exactly. Okay getting back to the gentleman that had a question for Bob regarding a film that he thought was pollen on his pond. I have the exact same situation my pond has been clear and it was it got this film on it and I was just out on the peddle boat on it right now and there’s no grit whatsoever when you put your hand in the water, you get like a green green film on your hands but you rub them together and it just disappears. There’s no grittiness. I don’t think it’s water meal I went and did some research on a website for pond pack or something sea pro and they showed a picture of water meal it doesn’t look anything like that it’s just like a translucent film.

Hey Allison, does it look like paint spilled on the water?

It does have like a blue kind of tint to it when the sun hits it in some spots.

Got it.

It sounds pretty.

What you have is blue-green algae and by the time you see it manifest itself on the surface that’s it going through the last stages of it’s lifestyle. It’s actually dead. So what happens is if you look down in the water you should see little bitty particles that are kind of a greenish blue that are down in the water column but then as they die and they begin to decompose they rise to the top and it looks like somebody spilled pain and then as the wind blows it’ll blow it right up against the bank. One of the ways to avoid that is to aerate your pond because if you stir the nutrients up that support those those are plants if you can stir a little water up that stuff can the blue-green algae can photosynthesize out. It can run through its life cycle. Another way to get rid of it is to use some of the microbes that are on the market there are some bacteria beneficial bacteria that you can put into the water that will expedite the process of that stuff going away. So I think your best long term answer is to aerate

And that’s the best the microorganisms are actually a great way to keep the ecosystem

That’s exactly right because they feed on the decaying blue-green algae so it can’t get its nutrients back up into the system where it can grow again

Then you go fishing.

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