Diverse food chains produce trophy bass. In the past, folks stocked fish from neighbor’s ponds and other random sources assuming Nature would grow them to quality classes. Unfortunately, the outcome is the opposite.  Lakes must have balanced predator/prey populations with abundant forage to grow bragging-size bass.

We just completed spring electrofishing surveys for five customers stocking supplemental forage from bluegill, to threadfin shad, tilapia, and/or crawfish.  Results were so impressive; we wanted to share them.  Its proven evidence: feed them and they will grow. 

As we preach, bluegills are the backbone of the food chain.  Adding one or more of the other species takes pressure off bluegill as the sole forage. Now’s the time to stock them. It increases survival rates of bluegill reproduction through this fall to bolster the food chain; so bass get the next 10-pounds of food required to gain the next pound and reach their potential.

We’re not in business to sell supplemental forage.  We’re in business to help you– GROW BIG BASS.  Building your dream lake is a large investment.  To achieve trophy bass, there is no disputing–diverse food chains and consistent harvest of bass 14-inches and under is the winning plan.

Man holding a bass

Our firm does not boast or guarantee anglers catch trophy fish every cast.  We do pledge to maintain optimum habitat—food chain—genetics—harvest.  If our staff and lake owners faithfully execute these principles, we are rewarded with life-long memories.  Each phase provides a strong link to success.  If one is overlooked, the fishery will not reach its potential.  That may sound like marketing hype, but it’s very true.  There’s an amazing world within your lake.  These points prove how scientific management contributes to a model program.

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