In March, we announced upcoming tilapia deliveries.  Chad recommends you don’t miss an opportunity to utilize these unique pond managers.  They don’t compete with sportfish for the food chain.  To the contrary, tilapia make a large contribution to sportfish forage and algae management.

According to D.G. Mackean, tilapia are native to Africa.  They practice a fascinating “mouth brooder” reproduction characteristic.  After the female lays hundreds of eggs in the nest, she immediately collects them into her mouth.  For 10-12 days, she carries a mouthful of eggs or fry.  If the young swim out, she immediately snaps them up again.  After approximately 10 days, the mother ejects them in small swarms.  The swarms form a school and follow her.  If they encounter danger, she will swim backwards signaling the young to enter her mouth.

Have excess filamentous algae or want to enhance your bass food chain?  Here’s a great biological management partner.  Stock 10 to 15 pounds per surface acre or more for special needs.  The price is $10 per pound, plus fuel costs for delivery.  Deliveries begin in April.