Want to Stock Catchable Fish? And They’re Tiger Bass!

feed trained tiger bassWe have a rare, limited supply of feed-trained Tiger Bass.  Some tip scales at 1.8-pounds.  You should stock extra-medium bluegill to feed this size.  It’s a great opportunity for immediate angling and revitalizing the genetics of existing populations.




Striving For Fast Growth Rates?

If completing a new lake and ready to make a stocking plan, we have a proven model for 2-pound annual bass growth rates.  Let’s visit!



Diverse Food Chains Produce Dynamic Results

crawfish in a net

There’s nothing more exciting than lipping a bass and seeing crawfish pinchers protruding from its gullet.  In spring, bass go on a feeding frenzy.  We stock crawfish at the Alabama farm to fatten bass after spring spawning stress.  Crawfish are a favorite.  Stock 100-pounds per acre.  We’re taking orders for April and May delivery with tilapia and threadfin shad.  It should be on your resolution list.



Need Dredging Or Cattail Cleanup?

If not managed, cattails eventually encircle the shoreline.  Runoff continually deposits silt into shallow upper-ends of every lake.  These conditions develop dense vegetation and slowly reduce productive surface area.  Contact us for quotes to restore declining zones.



Achieve resolutions and enjoy more of these memorable moments. Best wishes for a record year!