Man fertilizing the water of a pondMaintaining fertile water is a priority each management season.  Successfully done, it can double or triple the food chain.

The first step to establishing a healthy plankton bloom is controlling vegetation.  It should be aggressively treated as plants sprout new spring growth.  If early growth is nipped in the bud, you have the upper-hand.  If waiting too late, plants absorb fertilizer and stimulate growth.  Properly timed, fertilization can grow plankton near the surface, build a shade barrier at 18 to 24-inches, and rob plants of critical sunlight.

Fertilizing is not a random practice.  It requires a season-long commitment. Visibility must be measured every two weeks.  Supplemental treatments may be required to sustain average 24-inch visibility.  Without consistent maintenance, vegetation results in more costly remedies.

Ask about tips for producing more baitfish, while minimizing problem vegetation.