What if your fish are not eating what you are feeding, are they not hungry or what can be done? Find out what the Purina Mills experts think.

Bob from Illinois. Did you know about that?

No, I sure didn’t

Now you do, see you learn things on this show.

It’s a very enjoyable show this evening.

Thank you.

And a lot of nice information there. What I have I’ve got a pond about five years-old and it’s got bass and bluegill and channel cat in it, and I had stocked this initially after it was built. You know, from a fish truck, local, and now I’ve tried feeding the fish this year for the very first time, and they don’t seem, to want to eat anything. I’ve tried commercial and food and I’ve also tried dog food and stale bread crumbs and there’s just nothing hitting the top of the water and are they not hungry or do you guys have any idea what’s going on with that? And thanks a lot I’ll listen.

Absolutely I would put dog food.

Well there’s a couple possible issues going on here. One is that it is possible that you have such a sparsely populated pond that the animals literally are not hungry they’re fully sated, but typically after five years your past that period when that would occur. What I would suggest is that you use a diet that has attractants in it specifically for game fish and that’s our game fish chow, and that is designed to get these types of fish to come up and eat. Certainly, the bluegill and the catfish should readily come up. Now, what you need to do is set up a schedule. Feed them at the same time and every day and it may take a couple weeks before they start to aggressively feed, but unless it’s a very unusual situation or you know something’s happened to the fish population. If you give it a couple weeks they should start eating readily.

So did you have something to add to that?

I’m right there with him. You’ve got to be consistent because as consistent as you are that’s as constant as the fish will be. He nailed it. Right on the money.

So we’re back to that planning your work and working the plan and sticking to it.

Same place same time every day if you can and if those fish are there they’ll respond to that.