You may be wondering how many ducks can you have on a lake? The experts at Purina Mills are here to answer your question.

Bernadine is on the line from Texas. Thanks for watching tonight, what’s your question?

Hi. Yes, we have a fairly new pond. It’s a two acre pond. We stocked it in February with what we were told was the proper stocking for a new food chain. We were wondering, we have ducks. We were wondering how many ducks you can have in that size lake without contaminating the water.

How big was it again?

Two acres.

Two acres. Well, the advice I’m going to give you, Bernadine is to try to have no more than five or six ducks. If you can keep it to that number then over a long period of time they’re not going to contaminate the pond as much. Now, what she is really talking about Brad, is ducks live around water and that’s where their waste winds up so you don’t want a build up so if you’ve got 70 or 80 ducks on a pond over a long period of tine they can influence the water quality and cause the water quality to deteriorate.

So you’re going to have to manage the ducks though, additionally so once you’ve got five…

Yeah five you know two acres I don’t think I would ever let it get to be more than ten. Five is a good safe number, ten is probably okay, but don’t let it get beyond that.