We all know a computer geek. They continually read latest articles, speak a foreign vocabulary, or can be found in Radio Shack buying newest gadgets. As the senior citizen of our group, I was introduced to computers too late to stay up with dizzying technology. But if there were a geek squad in pond management, I’d be the poster boy.

During a recent POND BOSS seminar, our friend Bob Wucher with Purina Animal Nutrition shared some fantastic research conducted by Purina fish food nutritionists. You won’t need 3-D glasses to read the charts. However, I’ll wager a bag of fish food you’ll be searching for the nearest Purina dealer by the time you finish analyzing them. As the POND BOSS says, get your favorite beverage and enjoy fascinating data in this special newsletter.

These numbers clearly prove the value in feeding AquaMax. We encourage you to conduct individual catch surveys. Weigh and measure each fish. Compare to these charts. Results quickly reveal if your pond is achieving its potential.

If you needed scientific confirmation that feeding fish “really works”, this should answer all questions. If you’re a doubting Thomas, please call. We have testimonials from many satisfied customers.

We sell quality Texas Hunter feeders. Our staff recommends the directional model with adjustable legs for dock or shoreline. We offer a hanging model that broadcasts 360-degrees and can be mounted over the water. If hung off a dock, place a bucket around the spinner plate to deflect food pellets downward onto the surface. Remove the funnel for wildlife use. Each holds approximately 70 pounds of fish food or 100 pounds of corn and can be used as wildlife feeders in fall and winter. We’ll ship in 24-hours.

We appreciate your business,

Bob Lusk – Matt Rayl – Chad Fikes – Walter Bassano