Mossback-IIIFrustrated with constantly hanging-up, breaking lines, and disturbing fishing under your dock? Checkout this artificial fish attractor from Mossback!

The base is a 58-inch PVC trunk. Twelve, 58-inch v-shaped branches slide through the trunk at different angles. Assembled units can be staked vertically or rest horizontally on the bottom. Each model has a cable if you choose to suspend it under a dock. Special features include:

  •  Quick assembly.
  •  Immediate fish use.
  •  Snag-free fishing.
  •  Flexible branches deflect hooks and lures.
  •  Wide-open spaces between branches hold fish.
  •  Units don’t require anchors, but extra weight may be added.


Rough, textured branches promote algae growth. When v-shaped branches are installed upright, they collect sediment to stimulate development of other vegetation.

The 58-inch model is $84.99. Mossback offers a wide variety of heights and shapes. Are you seeking habitat for specific fish species? Want to build a bass condominium on a point near a creek channel? We’ll help you design a state-of-the-art attractor system. Savings from lost lure replacement will offset costs.