Aeration has contributed great strides toward improving lake environments.  Another natural treatment gaining popularity to cleanse water is beneficial microbes, or bacteria.

Microbes influence water quality as they interact with water chemistry, oxygen, circulation, and temperatures.  Depending on the type bacteria in a pond, it can make or break an ecosystem.

Small amounts of beneficial microbes are found in most water, but limited quantities don’t sustain noticeable change.  By adding supplemental amounts, you can release billions of friendly bacteria to neutralize and purify water.  They compete with undesirable organisms for nutrients, thereby preventing unwanted varieties from growing and reproducing.

Bacteria are Nature’s recyclers.  Properly matched with an individual environment, they have a remarkable ability to purify problem conditions.  They generate enzymes that break down various compounds.  Bacteria is active while pollution exists.  As pollution levels decline, bacteria diminishes.  If pollution levels rise, bacteria activity increases.

Microbial treatments don’t provide immediate results for vegetation management.  Since plants obtain nutrients from bottom sludge, noticeable results require long-term treatment.

Microbes used with aeration produce impressive results.  They reduce pond scum and odors.  Eliminate fish waste and ammonia.  Minimize organic compounds, break down waterfowl excrement, plus rapidly remove dead grass and leaves.  Application is by water solvable packets you merely toss around the pond.

Tilapia also manage algae.  We can include an order of microbes with your tilapia delivery around May 1.  Have any questions?

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