lake survey 1

Samples are collected by electrofishing.

Most folks assume lake surveys include collecting a sample of fish, determining if they are healthy, and going home. Bob Lusk Outdoors starts with that phase, but our mission is not just about fish. Our management philosophy strives to ensure you enjoy memorable outdoor experiences.

The first step to customizing a management plan is learning goals for lake use. After defining those important points, we electrofish a sample of finny critters. You can stand on the bow and help net. At the end of the day, you’ll have a whole new perspective of the lake and its future.  It’s highly informative and entertaining.  All fish collected will be released unharmed, except those that fall within your harvest slot. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Collect fish from all species.
  • Weigh and measure bass to assess relative weight.
  • Evaluate the forage base.
  • Inspect vegetation conditions.
  • Review fish habitat.
  • Discuss harvest history.
  • Test water quality.
  • Review supplemental feeding programs.
  • Explain how fertilization can increase lake production.
  • Identify all potential features that can be utilized to optimize production of this valuable resource.
lake survey 2

Fish are examined

Next, we’ll assess smaller ponds around the property to see if they have resources that might contribute to the master management plan. Some could be hatchery ponds to supplement bass food chains. Others might offer unique angling opportunities. Then, we return to the main lake and evaluate facilities.

After assembling survey data, biologists return to the office and interpret findings. They prepare a comprehensive report summarizing survey data. Content includes charts and graphs on fish health and population census. The summary outlines recommendations to achieve goals. Material provides a base-line of valuable data to make informed management decisions and monitor future results. A recent proposal recommended:

  • Implementing a feeding program to grow saucer-size bluegill and reel ripping hybrid striper. Watching fish feed is a treat for all ages.
  • Adding a dock with fish cleaning table, storage boxes, and floating live well that keeps fish fresh until you’re ready to dress.
  • Holding fishing tournaments for family and friends. Offer prizes for biggest, smallest, and most bass caught. All harvest efforts greatly benefit management success.
  • Plan relaxing shore lunches from a morning catch? Afterward, lounge in the shade to share stories about the big one that got away.
  • Install underwater lights that allow fascinating night-time views of fish activity not visible during the day. Watch them strike your bait.
  • Stock rainbow trout in a hatchery pond for fun winter fishing and scrumptious trout dinners.
lake survey 3

Fish are weighed and measured

Above examples represent features we promote to ensure folks enjoy a unique outdoor experience, not just another weekend. We help outfit boats, docks, and other amenities.

To round out services, we offer a monthly maintenance program. Our biologist visits the property once or twice a month as you wish. For a monthly fee, an hourly rate for time on-site, plus mileage, he monitors general management criteria, services feeders, treats vegetation as needed (chemicals charged by usage), plus other areas to maximize lake potential.

Ponds are one of the greatest assets on your property. It would be a privilege to:

  • Enhance the value of your lake.
  • Be a part of someone texting a photo of the biggest fish they ever landed or other fun event.
  • Create heart-stopping scenes of a big bass leaping out of the water attempting to shake a lure.
  • Help a youngster catch their first or biggest fish you’ll talk about forever.
  • Leave a legacy of not only memories, but improved habitat for all critters of Nature that call your treasured waters their home.
Fish are released unharmed

Fish are released unharmed

Fall is a prime season for lake surveys. Let’s meet at your lake and devise a plan to make some memories. Contact us here.