If your pond experience this season resembles most stories we’ve heard, you’ve shared anxious moments about the health or even survival of your pond.

Record heat and drought stressed aquatic environments to levels we haven’t seen in 50 years. We encourage giving your pond(s) a comprehensive physical this fall. Some need ICU level care. Without a well-designed rehabilitation plan, complications from this summer may result in slow healing. Don’t let weak conditions linger and prevent continued healthy development.

  • Low water levels allow bass to  feed freely. Will your lake need an IV of threadfin shad, tilapia, or more  bluegill to rebuild the food chain next spring? We can stock them! Better  yet, let us evaluate your precious pond or lake to get the data you need  to make the best decisions.
  • Did vegetation spread with  expanded warmer, shallower zones? Management therapy now may be more  economical before water levels return to normal. Treatment is a delicate  procedure during current conditions. Let’s discuss safe methods!
  • Has original fish cover  deteriorated? Now’s a great opportunity to replenish it and improve  fishing success. We’ll show you how!
  • Have upper ends silted-in and  created places for future vegetation to grow? Dredge them to minimize  undesirable conditions. Deepening these areas reopens old channels and  creates new fish habitat. Use dredged material to construct points and/or  islands. Plant cypress trees on them.
  • While water levels are receded,  install wood duck nesting boxes. Rig with a video camera to observe  nesting events. A memorable experience with Nature! Ask us how!

We anticipate a substantial increase for fish orders next spring.   Many ponds dried-up or suffered fish kills when diminished water could no longer support oxygen. Please call to discuss your concerns. We’ll propose a prescription for speedy recovery. Plus, book early to ensure supply. When rains come…and they will…stocker fish supplies will run low.

Thanks for your business,

Bob Lusk – Chad Fikes – Joshua Flowers – Walter Bassan